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About The Author

Chase Boykins

To many of her peers, Chase had a life many people envied. She was highly educated, well traveled, and her resume boasted of many accolades. She was certainly a master of her trade. And while she was proud of those things she often wondered how her life took such a drastic turn. What most didn’t know was Chase was also a master illusionist.  She was able to keep others blinded from seeing the excruciating pain she dealt with for years. She protected the one whom she felt didn’t protect her. The hidden pain she dealt with began to eat away at her. In public, she produced a smile even when the pain was excruciating.  She laughed when she wanted to cry. She wished someone could look in her eyes and see her soul. 

Chase was fully aware that she was not without her faults. But after many years, Chase finally came to the revelation she did not deserve the treatment she received either. This revelation however, did not come without spending many years with blinders on. She was blind not only to what was really happening to her but she was also blind to how she got herself into the mess she was in. 

For years Chase was bound mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She was held captive by her own thoughts and her decisions. It was like her soul had cancer and each day drew her closer and closer to her own death. But one day, she made the life altering decision to break free. Now she is on a quest to help others do the same. 


Book Summary

"The Power Of Love"

Nadine learns the hard way that ‘it’ is no respecter of person. It doesn’t care if you have money. It doesn’t care what career path you have chosen. It doesn’t care how beautiful you are. Abuse is like a weed that lurks among the beautiful blades of green grass waiting to choke the life out of you. 


Nadine Jackson-Deville was married to the most powerful man in the city of Atlanta, Mayor Damon Deville. While they lived a life many envied, little did onlookers know their admiration would fade quickly if they knew the truth. The Deville’s wore many masks to keep family, friends, church members and the citizens of Atlanta blind to the ugliness that lurked behind the gates of their illustrious estate. 


But how long will this charade last? Will the Deville’s secret be exposed? Afterall, the Bible is clear “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.” Luke 12:2-3. Or was this simply a trial designed for God to reveal His glory? 

No matter how this plays out, we know one thing for sure, ultimately, it is the Power of Love; God’s love that will prevail.

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Chase Boykins


"The Power Of Love"

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Bruised, but not broken!

Psalm 23:4

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